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Introducing Votto Suspension and Steering Parts

Turkish brand, Votto, celebrates 10 years of existence this year, building on its reputation of supplying quality suspension and steering parts that are manufactured to OE (original equipment) specifications and exported to several European, Eastern European, Middle Eastern and North African Countries.

A very important selling feature of Votto’s products is the CEC - Cataphoresis Electrostatic Coating (robotically welded for consistency) that lends itself to maximum durability and resistance to corrosion.

The steering and suspension on any vehicle are of utmost importance when it comes to safety and driving comfort; the steering ensures your vehicle is stable and aligned, driving straight and true, the suspension on the other hand is all about absorption of any shock your car may experience due to uneven surfaces, bad roads, unforeseen obstacles, etc.

Compromised steering and suspension reduces the vehicle’s stability and hence the driver’s control, which is of course a big problem, so making sure you have the very best parts for your steering and suspension is certain to give you some peace of mind and to help you avoid a bumpy ride… quite literally…

Votto’s product range includes Control Arms (Wishbones), Track Control Arms, Ball Joints, Stabiliser Links, Tie Rod Ends, Bushing, and Silent Blocks, Axial Joints, Drag Links, Tie Rod Assemblies and Complete Repair Kits, all of which are temperature resistant and “push-pull” tested to ensure the strength of the product in all road conditions and are all available from the Alfred Teves Brake Systems (ATBS) warehouse facility in Boksburg.

Their process of constant innovation means that they have almost full coverage of parts for light motor vehicles within the European, Japanese and Korean markets and the high grade materials they use mean the utmost in safety, control and balance and their competitive pricing is guaranteed to please their customers.

“ATBS” is proud to be associated with the Votto brand by acting as the local partner, providing sales and support services to customers in Southern Africa.

“High-level technical training, similar to that which ATBS is renowned for with regards to brake systems for the well-renowned ATE brand, and support are available on the steering and suspension system,” says Louis Groenewald, ATE sales representative.

More regional Votto distributors are required to cover the whole of Southern Africa.

Prospective Votto distributors should contact Louis Groenewald for details. More information and the Votto Catalogue is available at www.votto.co.za

Votto’s vision is to become an international brand and is committed to provide value added solutions.

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